Coal Mining in Scotland, England, Wales and Europe

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What is Surface Mining?

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Surface mining is just one of many different types of mining that is carried out in the UK. It is when the rock and soil that is covering minerals is removed. The more popular and effective way of mining is underground mining where the minerals wanted are gathered using tunnels, leaving the rock behind.

Underground mining is more effective for minerals that are located deep into the earth's core. These minerals cannot be reached using surface mining methods.

There are various different types of surface mining commonly used across Europe;

  1. Dredging - used to gather submerged mineral deposits
  2. Open-pit mining - extracting minerals and rock using a deduction method
  3. Mountaintop removal - involves huge restructuring of earth to reach the layer of coal underground
  4. Strip mining - mining through layers of rock and minerals one by one

Coal Mining

Mining is a trade that is highly controversial due to the purpose of the activity to provide use with fuel sources yet the contradicting argument of the damage that it is doing to our environment.

Coal is a fossil fuel yet is still used by many, this fuel source will run out which is why so many people are against the rate at which it is being mined and burned through. It is currently one of the most dependant fuel source being used in the UK, although there are alternatives being developed, there is yet to be an alternative that can provide the energy we need that is currently being provided by coal.

Sustainable Mining

A business that carried out sustainable mining is yet to be found. The high levels of damage that is being done to the environment through mining are highly overweighing the positive impacts that are becoming of it. If an organisation were to carry out sustainable mining they would be protecting and improving the environment at the same pace as they are extracting from it.

Coal Producers

Coal is mined all over the world although there are some providers that produce far more than any other. The top three coal producers in the world are China, the USA and India. China almost produces more coal than the top 5 produces put together.

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